YARN: The Young Adult Review Network
March 20th, 2013

YARN Bulletin

Good tidings Yarnigans. 

I, Lourdes, am back for another two days and a ton has happened since I was here last.

Let’s take a gander shall we:

A NOT TO BE MISSED interview with the amazing writer, Elizabeth Hand

Jessica Cooper’s, our PR Intern, first blog covers the magical Power of Three, seen throughout literature and more specifically YA. 

National Poetry Month is around the corner and YARN has a most PROMPT way of celebrating alongside a special interview with Love and Leftovers author Sarah Tregay and new poetry EVERY WEEK in APRIL! (And, yes, I love puns.)


And finally a NEW short story from Isaac Blum, Waxing and Waning.

Here’s an excerpt:

There are certain other things about people which are apparent, whether or not you know them. From sitting next to her in American History class, I knew that Valerie was small and thin. I knew that she had dark hair that fell just to her shoulders, and bangs which she kept out of her eyes by tossing her head to the side every couple of minutes. I knew that she always wrote in pencil, and that she favored thong underwear and solid color t-shirts.


I am puckered out. 

So as always spread the YARN word, and keep being awesome.